One Knob to Rule Them All

An intensive short research project between the Culture Lab, Newcastle University, Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre, De Montfort University and guests from Tongji University, Centre for Digital Innovation, Shanghai.

One Knob to Rule Them All is an idea presented by John Bowers in: Musical Meshworks: 
From Networked Performance to Cultures of Exchange. In this article, Bowers considers an interface that is “ … a single control … inviting for a novice user but one which had unexpected built in complexity to hold the attention of an experienced user.” This research project sets to build on these initial ideas and explore related themes: These may include:

  • interpolation – sticky knob, slide, delayed response, etc.
  • reductionist approach to ‘instrument’ control/design (1 knob, 1 button, no knob, etc.)
  • post-optimal themes related to electronic objects
  • ergonomics/anti-ergonomics/un-ergonomics
  • control/lack of control
  • multi-functions
  • alternative interfaces
  • entropy
  • fractal knobbing
  • knob time
  • live coding with one knob
  • mapping
  • gender

Participants: John Bowers, Will Edmondes, Tim Shaw, Ben Freeth, John Richards, Jim Frize, Amit Patel, Neal Spowage, Sam Topley, Marinos Giannoukakis, Steve Jones, Si Waite and 李睿(Lee Ray)




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