Promenade Performance & Perambulation

Animated conversation around the format of the evening for the performance at the PACE Building, DMU and the best way to capture the spirit of the exchange/research project takes place at the King’s Head pub, Leicester. It is suggested that the evening should be in the spirit of Experiments in Art and Theatre, a series of performances/exhibits that began in 1967 and included the work of Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage, David Tudor and others.

The structure of the overall performance is considered that would reflect a more collaborative process and exchange of ideas. Points of emphasis and coagulation are preferred rather than individually or group composed pieces. Shaw jots down some ideas for coagulation. It is suggested that these focal points should be embedded within a collective sound, sometimes acting as focal points or segues and transitions. Promenade performance and perambulation are put forward as a method for giving the audience a close-up/bird’s eye view of the research and as a way to experience the work close at hand.

Tim Shaw’s notes on coagulations and focal points

It is also proposed that there should be a projected image/streaming of a performer’s view via a GoPro camera. As well as helping the audience see what’s going on, it was thought that this too would raise questions of documentation as artwork, artwork as documentation. Projecting text/instructions are mentioned to enable access to extended discourse on the process/research project via mobile devices and blog posts to re-emphasise Jones’ research around the carry principle: always connected and online. Further instructions would include the invitation to invite the audience to walk around/through the space during performance.


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